Fly fishing Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa, I’ve been a very good boy in 2016. Well, maybe “very good“ is exaggerating just a wee bit. Will “not too bad” suffice? And sadly, I’m a little too old to sit on your knee. Still, the holidays are right around the corner and I wanted to share my Christmas list with you while you still … [Read more...]

The Five Stages of Fly Fishing

Atop the Angling Mountain: The Five Stages of Fly Fishing by Todd Tanner I don’t remember when I first heard the phrase, but for a while now experienced fly fishers have been regaling new anglers with tales of “The Five Stages of Fly Fishing.” These are the levels we all go through at one point … [Read more...]

How to pick the right fly at the right time

by Todd Tanner Choosing your Fly I was talking to the editor of a fly fishing magazine the other day, and he mentioned that he was going to do a story on a fellow who had an awfully large fly collection. The exact number didn’t stick in my head, but it seems to me that it was somewhere along … [Read more...]

Want to be a great trout fisherman?

by Todd Tanner So you want to be a great trout fisherman Here's the blueprint First things first. If you’re a brand new fly fisherman, you might want to hold off on this piece. This is for folks who are already decent anglers, and who are willing to do everything possible to take things to … [Read more...]

Learn Powerful Fly Fishing Tactics

Whether you're a complete beginner, or you just want to improve your fly fishing, I will Fast-Track Your Learning Curve, and if you follow just some of the techniques I'm about to show you, your fly fishing skills will sky-rocket, and you will truly have no option but to succeed. Please … [Read more...]

Top 5 Hottest Fly Patterns for Smallmouth Bass

by David Karczynski To become a better smallmouth angler, start thinking about your flies not as general foodstuffs, but as presentation technologies: Each design allows you to cover water at different depths and speeds, and with different actions and profiles. Below is a list of five different … [Read more...]

Sage PULSE Fly Rod Review

by Robert Morselli Sage’s new PULSE series 590 fly rod Mid-priced fly rods occupy a strange place these days. Some are just a half-notch away, in terms of overall quality, from their upscale brethren, while others truly belong in the mid-priced category. The Sage PULSE fly rod belongs in the … [Read more...]

Two New Spring Flies to Tie

by Tim Romano It’s almost springtime in the Rockies—but not quite. There’s still a few more snowstorms bound to blow through, which means a few more weeks to crank out bungs in anticipation for the season. These two videos, from a couple of great companies that manufacture materials and tying … [Read more...]

How to Catch Big Early-Summer Trout

by Kirk Deeter When trout are feeding happily, you can catch a few or a boatload. Here’s how to have an epic day. Legendary trout guru Terry Gunn and I stood on the Colorado River’s famous Prop Bar near Lees Ferry, Ariz. It was a blissful May morning, with shirtsleeve temps, a cobalt sky, and … [Read more...]

Fly Fishing for Tarpon: A Nine-Step Program

by Kirk Deeter By now most of you have heard about the “stages” of being a fly fisherman—specifically a trout fisherman. First you want to catch a fish, then you want to catch a lot of fish, then you want to catch a big fish, then you want to catch a lot of big fish… And then, once you’ve … [Read more...]

Orvis Hydros SL Reel Review

by Chad Shmukler Orvis' new economical reel offering is anything but economy-grade While talking over the finer points of their newest reel with Orvis' Tom Rosenbauer, it was abundantly clear that Orvis was excited about the new Hydros SL, which the company labored over and tested for some time … [Read more...]

Winston Boron III LS Fly Rod Review

by Ben Kryzinski When pressed to name your favorite trout rod, sick which do you pick? Favorite fly rods are a lot like our favorite colors, see or our favorite foods, check or our favorite sports teams. They’re entirely subjective. We all have our own preferences, and there’s no guarantee that … [Read more...]

Perfecting the Belgian Cast

by Macauley Lord A two-plane cast helps you fish heavy flies, sinking lines, tandem rigs, and big strike indicators. High water on Idaho's Big Lost River was forcing me to play a game I don’t usually enjoy. The fish were deep and stodgy, and they wanted something dead-drifted. Their message … [Read more...]

Fly Fishing Tips

Here are 42 tips on fly selection, approach, presentation, and landing fish that can make the difference between a good day and a great one. A collection of MidCurrent's obvious and not-so-obvious advice. Fly Fishing Tips Choosing Flies Size Matters When choosing trout flies, the relative … [Read more...]

Catch more winter trout

Tips for Winter Trout by Tom Rosenbauer Want to have more success fishing for trout the rest of the winter? Here are some tips and fly suggestions to increase your odds. 1. In winter, buy cialis trout won’t move more than a few inches for your fly and they’ll be close to the bottom. So, fish your … [Read more...]

Spey Lines 101: Making Sense of Spey lines

Sean Visintainer Making Sense of Spey lines. Ask 20 spey casters what their preferred line is for spey casting... you'll get 20 different answers. The question we get the most is, "What spey line should I get?" To answer that question you really need to ask yourself, "What method of fishing do I … [Read more...]

Spey vs Switch Rods

by Sean Visintainer Spey vs Switch Rods Two hands are better than one! We often get the question in the shop what is the difference between spey and switch rods? Why would you choose one over the other and why would you spey cast instead of single hand cast? To help people understand some of … [Read more...]

Sage Domain Fly Reel Series

Sage Domain Fly Reel Series Video presentation Kara Armano explains Sage’s newest full-frame reel design in their lineup, generic the Sage Domain fly reel, which comes in sizes 5 -10 and retails from $340 – $380. Features of the Domain Reel: • SCS drag system • Large arbor for fast line pick … [Read more...]

Hardy Ultralite CA DD Fly Reel

Erin Block The recently released Ultralite CA DD Fly Reel from Hardy is a large-arbor freshwater reel, sale featuring aesthetic and structural improvements for serious anglers. Hardy Ultralite CA DD Fly Reel With its reputation for high-end quality and unrelenting performance, Hardy® introduces … [Read more...]

Casting Heavy Flies

by Philip Monahan What’s the secret to casting heavy flies? Heavy flies present casters with several troubling problems. We are all taught that good casting means throwing nice, click tight loops and that high line speed makes for longer, more accurate casts. When there’s a lot of weight at the … [Read more...]

Tips for fly-fishing the Southern Coast

by Catch Cormier Down on the coast, sovaldi it’s prime time for speckled trout. A weighted clouser or shrimp pattern suspended 2 to 3 feet under a VOSI (a fly rodder’s popping cork) will work great over reefs, sildenafil and in cuts, viagra canals and bayous. There’s another trout that fly … [Read more...]

Choosing a Fly Fishing Rod

By Newell Schaub  Choosing Fly Fishing Rods A critical piece of fly fishing equipment is the fly rod. The wrong rod is a wonderful way to, viagra potentially, sales ruin an otherwise fine day of fly fishing. The right fly fishing rod will make the difference between a precise cast and casts that … [Read more...]

Sage Method 890-4 Fly Rod Review

By Mark Williams During a recent trip to Melville Lodge in the Top End, viagra I had the opportunity to use a Sage Method 890-4 fly rod. Even for someone like me whose fly casting skills are a bit rusty, viagra sale I found the Sage Method a superb casting tool. While I’ve been reliably informed … [Read more...]

Spring Fly Fishing Tips

Spring is here and throughout the nation, see anglers are already hitting the water. For many, buy the cold winter months are long and agonizing, and watching the calendar draw closer to spring is like a child watching the clock tick by on the last day of school before summer. Like baseball’s … [Read more...]

Abel Spey Reel Review

Abel Classic Spey Reel Review – 8/9/10 Weight Spey Line Abel Reels is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2013, doctor and with those 25 years comes a lot of experience designing and manufacturing some of the top rated reels in North America. Abel Manufactures Mooching Reels to very light Trout … [Read more...]

How To Pick The Right Fly Rod Length

How To Pick The Right Fly Rod Length Ok, so you have your line size decided, that's the hard part. The next thing you decide is the length and that's quite a bit easier. Fly rods are designated by a length and a line size - typically that's all you need to know. So, 7-and-a-half for a 3, 8 for … [Read more...]

How To Pick The Right Fly Line Size

How To Pick The Right Fly Line Size Fly lines range from very thin to very thick and we use a number scale that goes from 1 to about 14, with 1-weight being very, very skinny and 14 being almost like rope. I can go through the various line sizes for you. Size 1 and size 2 lines and size 1 and … [Read more...]

12 Tips for Catching More on Dry Flies

Todd Tanner Over the years, cialis I’ve had the good fortune to to fish some of the finest trout streams in North America, and to hang out with some of the most accomplished anglers on the planet. While I can’t share everything I’ve learned about dry fly fishing in one sitting, here are a dozen … [Read more...]

Sage Method Fly Rod Review

by Chad Shmukler There are distinct advantages offered by fast action rods that don't come in slower packages. They allow for easy and authoritative line pickup, have the ability to toss heavy lines and tips, are much more adept at casting in the wind, allow the caster to throw tighter loops, … [Read more...]

Sage 8134-4 Z-Axis

About the Sage 8134-4 Z-Axis Last year Sage released the 8129-4 Z-Axis spey rod, and and it quickly became a popular choice for anglers looking for a powerful, seek versatile rod in a somewhat shorter format. In case you’re not familiar with Sage’s nomenclature, 8129-4 translates to “8 weight, 12 … [Read more...]